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Pharmaceutical Distribution Services & Solutions


The breadth of SAGO pharma, Inc. experience and resources provide opportunities to international companies seeking to develop business and build a competitive advantage in Egypt The Company offers comprehensive services in the areas of promotion and marketing, sales and distribution. With its experienced Government Department team, the company is the effective link between our partners and government institutions providing fast registration of companies and products and tender management.

SAGO Pharma Inc distribution serves the whole of EGYPT . Our logistical expertise allows us to deliver your products securely and on time to your customers. We apply a ‘just in time’ approach to our distribution services, ensuring your business operates more efficiently and your customers receive their products as and when they are required.

Supply Chain

Our in house supply chain specialists can work with manufacturers to develop a distribution strategy specific to each product and the market for which it is intended. We build distribution channels that produce maximum efficiency and reduce costs through the supply chain from product manufacture to end customer.

SAGO pharma, Inc. provides integrated distribution services to its partners. It has its own clearance department, central and regional warehouses, and a fleet of vans all equipped with the necessary resources for effective services. With its 2 branches and 5 distribution centers, the company covers the entire Egypt and reaches all channels for its products. SAGO has recently built a state-of-the-art distribution center designed by world renowned companies.


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